What Are OEM Parts, And Why Do They Matter For Your German Auto?

A car is the sum of its parts, which means that those parts need to be of the highest and most reliability quality. Just like you wouldn’t want to replace your bathroom pipes with PVC, you don’t want to replace worn car parts with generic versions. This is especially true for German import autos, which use very specific parts to maintain the ultimate function and driving experience.

The Value of OEM Parts

There are three main reasons that you should always ensure your car is repaired with OEM parts says Mark Lufford of JB Import, an auto repair shop St. Petersburg, fl. First, OEM parts always comply with your warranty and won’t risky voiding a valuable warranty for any reason. Many manufacturers consider aftermarket parts to void warranty because they can cause more damage in the long run and drive up repair costs.

Second, OEM parts strictly match the quality that you expect from your German automaker like Audi, BMW, or Mercedes. When you have such a valuable and costly investment, there is no reason to allow less reliable aftermarket parts to compromise your auto’s integrity. This is even more important when you need a st petersburg auto body repair shop to perform repairs.

Finally, utilizing OEM parts significantly simplifies the replacement process, because you know they will fit properly without causing any additional problems. Since so many aftermarket products are designed under a “one size fits all” method, they are rarely tailored to your vehicle’s exact needs. Selecting OEM parts is always the safest choice.

Make The Wise Choice

In order to maintain the true integrity of your German car, it’s critical to find a St petersburg mechanic who uses OEM parts. When your car receives OEM parts, its broken or worn parts are replaced with exact replicas of the parts originally installed on the assembly line. This is dramatically different than aftermarket parts, which are not sourced from your car’s manufacturer and don’t offer the same reliable quality or warranty. By only using a reputable repair shop that appreciates the difference that OEM parts make, you can ensure that your prized German auto will remain in superior condition.

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